Walkin bathtub

Still keeping that worn-out bathtub that appears to become getting progressively difficult to clean because it does onto the skin? Below, we have compiled a summary of all of the shortcomings of the traditional bathtub that people ignore and just how a walk-in tub solutions individuals shortcomings. For more information on theĀ walk in bathtubs medicare, visit our website today!

High Step-In

Seniors that strain an excessive amount of when lifting their legs unconditionally think it is especially hard to lift on them a 14″ – 30″ traditional tub wall. The impersonal and generic types of traditional bathtubs are not capable of maintaining a senior’s bathing independence without the assistance of pricey extensions.

A walk-in tub’s step-in height ranges between ” and 9″ in the floor. A senior would never need to lift their leg more than a high wall to rehearse their bathing independence again.

No Independence

Research has shown that seniors prefer everything they will use regularly to become simple to achieve – take that from they and them is going to be too depressed to complete anything more. A senior is most joyful when they are truly separate from helpers and caregivers.

Walk-in tubs take all of the safety safeguards into account when built and designed. Having a low entrance threshold, easily positioned safety bars, anti-slip floor, and motorized wheel chair support, we are able to make sure that senior may have all that they must get back their bathing independence.

Limited Safety

As people grow older, they become increasingly more vulnerable to slip-and-fall accidents, especially in the bathtub – where most accidents occur. Traditional bathtubs don’t have any response to this issue because there is a generic design that assumes everybody has got the same flexibility and achieve.

On the other hand, a walk-in tub is definitely purchased only when the enclosure fits the individual’s description most carefully to ensure they are feel confident about bathing again.

Require Mobility Add-Ons

For the way immobile a senior is, a bathtub may need everything from additional safety rails to bath lift chairs. They might even need a conversion that carefully emulates the operability of the walk-in tub (i.e. cutting an oblong area of the bathtub wall to get replaced having a special door).

No Massage Systems

Aside from soaking, a conventional tub does not provide the therapeutic enhancements incorporated through the walk-in tub. Despite the fact that soaking offers great therapeutic benefits for the body and mind, it may not be competitive with a whirlpool or air massager.


Even when a transfer bench or seat was put into the tub, it will not be as comfortable as you would hope. A walk-in tub’s smooth and soft textured surface is simple onto the skin and keeps the back slightly reclined to have an optimally relaxing bathing experience.

Occupy much space

Regardless of size your bathrooms, regular bathtubs occupy much space for this type of low quantity of utility. A walk-in tub with only enough legroom and comfy space for any sitting down senior can pack many safety, therapeutic and luxury features. Want to know more aboutĀ walk in bathtub? Visit our website for more information.


A normal bathtub causes it to be super impractical to clean once in some time because of its unnecessarily large size, which almost always causes more back aches than a single needs in just one lifetime. Every nook or cranny of the walk-in tub’s enclosure is very simple to achieve and clean.

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